Sometimes I wonder why, just why are some things considered taboos in our society when there is a lot of need to talk about those issues like my topic today sex education.

Firstly, let’s start with what sex education really is and what I plan to accomplish at the end of this article. Just so we have that _“Haww!!! Ye kya behooda baatein kar rahe ho?”_ element out of the way. This education usually deals with human sexuality, emotional relations, the concept of pleasure and reproduction, the concept of consent, rights and precautions. Although I’ve never seen someone talk freely about these kind of topics and neither do people have the information to talk because whenever you try to create awareness or even try to become aware about any of these things, you are quietened down after being told _“Aisi baatein nahin karte beta”_ or _‘Abhi tumhari umar nahin hai, bare hoge tou khud pata chal jayega”._
What people don’t understand is that by telling these keen people to shut up, they intrigue their brains even more and these keen people, once cut off from the society, now turn to the internet for answers. Our minds have been developed in such a way that we tend to associate sex with someting evil, something demeaning. And so, anything that may benefit us pertaining to the topic is also written off as “Begairat”. We as people are expected not to know anything about even related to the topic until the night of marriage and it sounds so ridiculous. There is so much you need to know and need to prepare for. There are countless misconceptions that still prevail in our society due to the lack of communication. There is a dire lack of understanding in people, especially regarding the concept of consent.
And even if someone tells you about it, they never answer your questions, which leaves you more utterly bewildered than ever. While you can piss freely on roads, rape people and mutilate their bodies even after their death, you cannot talk about sex. Why? Because it’s too indecent. Because it’s wrong. But why is this so? What if knowing about all this helps a person protect him\herself from being sexually assaulted. Recently something horrendous happened that left all Pakistanis shook.
Thousands of posts have been swarming around the Internet with the hashtag #justiceforzainab.
So for people who are unaware: Zainab Ansari was a 7-year old girl from Kasur, Pakistan who was kidnapped, assaulted and barbarically murdered and left in a pile of garbage. Her kidnapper is still roaming around freely but protests have been going around not only in the country but also by Indians, Americans, Thais, and many, many more.
Firstly, I would like to address the people who have been talking about “MEN BEING TRASH” The statement about men being trash is literal crap. People, I request you to take a minute and think that not all men are same. Some men have done way more than enough on their part in our society. And we shouldn’t be criticizing them. And another thing to keep in mind that if all men are same, then our fathers and brothers fall in the same category too.
What people need to know is that this isn’t the first case of brutality against children. We shouldn’t be demanding justice only for Zainab but also for those victims whose cases couldn’t serve them justice. Zainab is not the only one who was victimized by this ferocity. Many kids have been the victims of this kind of savagery. Just for the record, up to 12 children of the same age group (5-8 years) have been killed in rape cases in Kasur in 2017 whereas police officers have executed only three people involved in such heinous activities.
It isn’t necessary for us to only take actions when the victim is related to us. We can take steps by the thought ‘It is humanity and maybe today the victim is someone I don’t know but tomorrow, it can be anyone.’ By taking chances today, we decrease the chance of our loved ones being the victims tomorrow. Another thing people do is to blame the corrupt government for not making the country secure enough for the citizens. Although, it is partially true, we cannot help but also consider the fact that some government officials totally support us and are trying their level best to make our country safe and sound.
We have to find the criminals. Do what it takes to find them and make them examples. Examples which scare anyone to think about committing something like this barbarity. In this day and age, where everything and everyone is scrutinized and shamed, why do these criminals get out of our hand? Because we, people, are busy gossiping and utterly criticizing others instead of taking our time and doing things to prevent such acts of viciousness.
The story of Zainab Ansari isn’t the first we have heard of a young, innocent girl being raped and it clearly won’t be the last. Her kidnapper is still lurking around somewhere. People need to take a moment to think for the whole of mankind. We need to think on how to live our own lives without risking the lives of others for no apparent reason.

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One life…ninety seconds

Once a women came running inside a supermarket with a small toddler in her arms. She was very frantic, gave her daughter to a fellow stranger and ran out of the mart. 

The toddler girl was not breathing…. The assistant clerk called the ambulance while the people tried everything they could to open her air vent, rubbing and patting her back, trying to gt her eyes to open but… it wasn’t working. 

Just then a man ran in claiming to be her father, ran to see his baby girls state and praying for her to live. She is still not breathing. The father looses hope and thinks she is now dead.

One stranger just refuses to give up.

He takes the girl and lays her flat down a counter a starts giving her mouth to mouth. The father is still panicking and bystanders are waiting to see any signs of life after  ninety seconds a miracle happens…the baby girl opens her eyes. She is breathing again!

The father hugs the stranger grateful beyond words. The stranger saved her was a hero from one of us from the 2013 story Rowan O’Neill .

“Like i said to a few others, I was just there….it had to be delta with”_Rowan O Neill

“I’m burning the candle at both ends”

This line simply means to work hard day and night to achieve a certain goal or task.

Does it really?….I mean work hard for what  exactly. Growing up and getting a job… retiring … dieing. But through all this would anyone remember us apart from our relatives? Would we be important in building up a nation or help saving our society.

No we would not be.

We will be forgotten as another beneath the soil.

Would anyone like that? I know I wouldn’t and there are others who agree with me and know that their lives are worth something amazing. For e.g: 

All the scientist who made this world modern and technologist who have introduced our only means of life now a days.

They had no idea they would achieve anything like this when they were young or before they tried. They became trend setters. And left a mark in history for others to follow.

 I would like to be an important person in history to fix my society  so I am still alive years after my death.

Unique people

I read this story about a young boy who had a normal family, normal house, normal neighbourhood and everything ; problem was he was deformed. I hate using this word for those innocent children with different features. Those kids are unique in a whole lotta different ways but their capabilities are kept hidden because of all those rude words said to them, everyday they step out of the house. And no one can help but stare.




I’m pretty sure they can hear and they can feel all those rude comments as normal people do too. Obviously it’s not nice cuz it wasn’t even their fault. We should put aside their differences and make their world better. Who knows they might be so good in other things, they might find some good in them if they are given the chance to prove themselves.


I came across many ppl in life who always ask me why do u read books ? Like what’s the use your just wasting your time🕢🕢. U know what I’d like to say at this point…. and playing games is so useful, throwing a ball again and again on the wall making useless noise is important right??😒😒 (so fun). Now that I think about it those ppl might have a point. Not about playing games and throwing a ball but about why I read as if I have an exam📚📚 about it the next day?? I guess the answer is mainly on what u take a book for, I take it as an interesting  land where whatever happens has a reason and a mystery. Maybe that’s why I find it interesting. I guess u  just gotta find a kind u may  prefer and enjoy.

If anyone has the same interest in me I would recommend them to read: the book theif, to kill a Mockingbird and the lunar chronicles, I’m sure everybody has read Harry Potter so no use mentioning that❤❤

Hope this mini paragraph helps u find your perfect book and enjoy the ones I do😊😊😊😄